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Car Detailing Athens

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business philosophy. New Image Detailing strives to exceed your expectations by delivering exceptional service, personalized care, and unmatched convenience. With flexible appointment scheduling and a hassle-free booking process through our user-friendly mobile app or website, we ensure that maintaining your vehicle's beauty is as convenient as possible.

What Determines Our Pricing?

Our pricing can be determined by several factors, including the level of service provided, the size and type of vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, the location, and any additional services requested. Here are some key factors that influence pricing:
Service Package: New Image Detailing offers different service packages, ranging from basic to premium, each with varying levels of services and attention to detail. The complexity and extent of the services included in the package can impact the pricing. Packages may include exterior washing, interior cleaning, vacuuming, engine cleaning, steam cleaning, and more.
Vehicle Size and Type: The size and type of the vehicle being detailed play a significant role in determining the price. Larger vehicles, such as trucks, SUVs, or vans, generally require more time, resources, and product usage compared to smaller cars. Luxury or exotic vehicles may also require specialized techniques or products, which can influence the pricing.
Vehicle Condition: The initial condition of the vehicle affects the time and effort required for detailing. If the vehicle is heavily soiled, has excessive dirt, stains, or pet hair, it may require extra attention and additional steps to restore its cleanliness. Such conditions may result in higher pricing to compensate for the extra labor and materials needed.
Location: The geographical location can impact pricing due to variations in labor costs, overhead expenses, and market competition.
Additional Services: We offer add-on services such as paint sealants, engine bay cleaning, pet hair removal, shampoo/stain removal, steam cleaning, and paint decontamination. These additional services come at an extra cost and can contribute to the overall pricing.
Frequency of Service: New Image Detailing offers discounted rates or packages for regular customers who schedule recurring appointments. Regular maintenance can help keep the vehicle in better condition, reducing the time and effort required for subsequent detailing sessions.
Extras and Customization: Certain customer requests or special customization options, such as mobile service at specific events, requiring after-hours appointments, or detailing of specialty vehicles, may incur additional charges due to the unique nature of the service.

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